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Thanks for taking our survey!

Our first survey asked, "Where do you place and display miniatures besides a dollhouse or roombox?" We hope you get some new ideas from the answers!

Here are the results:

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anywhere I have a shelf

above the kitchen sink


living room

china cabinet

I have some small hanging curio cabinets in my livingroom on either side of the fireplace where I display some of my better pieces.

no where yet, very new to this stuff

On top of the entertainment centre

Half-Inch Blue Speckled Vase
on the toilet tank

I display them in an antique printer's drawer.

I have a doll collection, display as toys or wares with (larger) dolls or in doll furniture

only one, so next to my sole Hummel

everywhere around the house  and office

On My Desk

on a book shelf-as a grouping

on one of my hutch shelves

Domes, wooden base for butter or cheese with clear cover that lists off.

on the top of the dresser

small vignettes at work

Until they go into a roombox etc. I display them in glass jars,  upside down fish bowls, old popcorn poppers with clear lids, and small plastic boxes(like for beanie babies ). 

on a shelf as you would any decoration

china hutch

Shelf of Buffet

We are very interested in your creative ideas....

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